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The holiday season is upon us as is the wonderful food, drinks, and merriment that it brings. While Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) champions a philosophy of balance and moderation, a little indulgence can be a healthy thing when coupled with friends and laughter. However, we also know that indulgence leads to uncomfortable consequences, so here are ways that TCM wisdom can help.

Acupressure points you can massage to promote digestion:

acupressure improves digestion


Most of the featured points lie over the digestive system or on a related meridian. Acupressure improves digestion by increasing circulation to the digestive system. Additionally, it calms the nervous system so that the body can get into the important rest and digest state.





Stomach-25 is found 2 finger widths on either side of the belly button, while Spleen-15 is found 2 finger widths out from there.  Massage in a clockwise direction beginning around the belly button outward using light to moderate pressure. This supports intestinal functioning and relieves various digestive complaints such as constipation, distention and stomachaches.

Cv-10, Cv-12, Cv-14

These points lie on the midline between the belly button and the breastbone. Use three fingers to massage this area in a small clockwise motion. Begin just below the breast bone and gradually move downwards toward the bellybutton. You can use as much pressure as is comfortable, even very light pressure is effective.  These points relieve symptoms of acid reflux, belching, hiccupping, nausea and constipation.


acupressure improves digestion

This point is one of the most famous acupuncture points to strengthen digestion, promote energy, and improve immunity. It is found 3 fingers width below the knee, and 1 thumb width from the shinbone on the outer side of the leg. Press around for a tender or achy area and massage with moderate pressure on both legs. Often, you can feel an ache in the local area and sometimes down to the bottoms of your feet.

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