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We offer a suite of services that compliment each other to alleviate pain by restoring balance to your body.


is the insertion of exceptionally thin filiform stainless steel needles into precise points around the body. The points are chosen based on a particular “imbalance” or “pattern of disharmony” as determined by the practitioner.

The goal of the treatment is to alleviate symptoms by restoring balance.

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Tui-Na Massage

pronounced “tway-nah” is Traditional Chinese Style Massage. Tui-Na is made up of a combination of kneading, pressing, stretching, and “cross-fiber” techniques to break up “knots” and release trigger points, eliminate scar tissue, and restore normal function to muscles and joints.

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Postural Adjustment/ Ergonomics

are an essential component to overcoming pain. If we continue to move in the same patterns of movement that led to our pain, we will never overcome it. These adjustments help to align the body, eliminate postural stress, and restore balance and harmony to our musculoskeletal and nervous system.

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Therapeutic Exercise/ Qi Gong

Specialized exercises that are used to teach new patterns of movement, strengthen muscles, and restore flexibility.

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Chinese Herbs

are a safe and effective way to complement the Acupuncture in difficult or chronic cases. Chinese herbs are used to help restore balance to the digestive system, optimize digestion and assimilation, reduce pain, and improve mood.

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Nutritional Advice

Food is an essential part of our daily lives and our relationship with food can either help us or hinder us. Nutritional advice includes careful consideration of foods to avoid as well as possible foods to add to your diet that may help to improve your health.

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Cupping is the application of suction to an area of the body by placing small glass or plastic cups on the skin over a tight muscle and then using a small hand pump to draw the air out of the cup and create suction.

The technique is used to break up “blood stasis”, separate layers of fascia and connective tissue, increase circulation, and reduce pain.

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