What To Expect


Upon arrival check-in at the front desk, if no one is present please have a seat and relax, the practitioner may be finishing up with another patient and will be out to greet you momentarily.


Your practitioner will bring you back to the treatment room where we will discuss your chief complaints and review your health history. Consultations include questions, taking your pulse, observing your tongue, and palpating specific areas or points. We will discuss a course of treatment, what to expect, and give you a chance to ask any questions you might have.


The practitioner will help you to get settled on the exam table, locate and swab the points to be treated with alcohol. Needles are generally placed on your arms and legs below the elbows and knees but can also be placed elsewhere, such as the ears, head, back, or abdomen. All needles are sterile, non-toxic, and single-use.

While the application of needles is generally painless, it is common to feel a dull, aching, or heavy sensation that we refer to as the “Qi Sensation” which indicates that the needles are in the right location and creating change. It is important to us that you are comfortable and able to relax, if a particular point is too strong or uncomfortable, please let your therapist know and the point will be adjusted for you.

After the needles are applied, most patients enter a state of deep relaxation and often fall asleep and rest comfortably. This portion of the treatment will usually last about 20-30 minutes and after the needles are removed, will be followed with about 10-15 minutes of massage.

Once the Acupuncture and Massage portion of the treatment is complete the therapist will help you to get up and check to see how you are feeling. Before you go you will receive any recommendations that your therapist may have for you including adjustments to posture, stretching techniques, and specialized exercises, or lifestyle and nutritional adjustments to further benefit your care.

Post Treatment

Take a moment as you get up. You may feel rejuvenated, energized, blissful and spaced out, or foggy and a little tired. These are all normal post-treatment feelings and each treatment may feel a little different as your condition evolves.

Make your way out to the waiting area where you can take some extra time with a glass of water, check out, and schedule future appointments or follow up with our practitioner as needed.