New Patient


New patient-Single Visit

Includes in-depth evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment


Returning Patient


Single Visit

Includes in-depth evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment


$106 /mo

Monthly Maintenance Program

(Includes one visit per month, requires auto-debit from card on file)

-The perfect program for ongoing maintenance of a health issue and a great way to check-in with yourself to stay one step ahead of pain. Unused visits may be used at a later date within one year of purchase. Members of the “Monthly Maintenance program” are eligible to purchase additional single visits for the discounted rate of $106 per visit.



3 Visit Package

(5% discount=$119 per visit)

-A great way to treat many kinds of pain including common problems like lumbar strain or a stiff neck. Acupuncture is a lot like exercise in the sense that trying one time feels good, but after a few sessions is where momentum builds and we begin to see lasting change that can resolve pain.



6 Visit Package

(10% discount= $112 per visit)

Many types of ongoing problems respond well to weekly visits over a 6 week period including “frozen shoulder”, chronic neck pain, low back pain & sciatica. This is also a good choice for anxiety issues, stress, migraine headaches, and digestive issues.



10 Visit Package

(15% discount= $106 per visit)

Perfect for any kind of chronic problem or significant pain from an acute issue. Problems that have developed over the course of many years take time to treat and choosing this package is the opportunity to make a change and begin the journey to becoming free from pain.


Please visit our Financial Policy page to learn more about our financial policies


Fit Acupuncture is a fee-for-service practice. We do not bill insurance. If you have insurance that covers acupuncture you may request a detailed receipt that you can submit to your insurance for any available out-of-network benefits. Please feel free to use our insurance worksheet to guide you in contacting your insurance and finding out how you might be reimbursed by your plan.

Insurance Benefit Worksheet