Pre-Treatment Information

General Info
  • Schedule your appointment on-line
  • New patient appointments can take up to one and a half hours.
  • Treatment Packages and Single Visit sessions are available for purchase at your first appointment.
Check List
  • Complete your health history before the scheduled appointment time. You can fill it out online by clicking the link emailed to you.
  • Sign up for the Patient Portal. An invitation will be sent to you once you schedule your appointment. This is a secure way to access information that your provider shares with you such as treatment notes, exercises, and billing receipts.
  • Enjoy complementary parking! The entrance is from 17th Ave and parking is along the North side of the building.
  • Arrive at the clinic about 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. We’ll have one more form for you to sign to allow Consent for Care and an Arbitration Agreement for our malpractice insurance.
  • Please wear comfortable, loose clothing so we can easily access your arms and legs below your elbows and knees. Normally we will only expose the areas to be treated. If clothing needs to be adjusted or removed, draping and covers will be provided to keep you comfortable.
  • Arrive neither hungry or full, we recommend a snack or a light meal about an hour or two before treatment.